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Catchup - Abstract Strategy app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 2656 ratings )
Games Board Strategy
Developer: Martin Grider
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.3, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 07 Aug 2014
App size: 5.44 Mb

Catchup is a simple game of surprising turnarounds.

"Catchup is as elegant as a game can reasonably be, presented in a marvelously user-friendly way.” -Pocket Tactics (5-star review)

"If youre even a little bit into strategy games, you need to get some Catchup all over your mobile device." -Touch Arcade (4 & 1/2 star review)

Can you have the largest group at the end of the game? Connect your hexes to master this beautiful abstract strategy game.

- an interactive tutorial to teach you how to play
- a challenging AI opponent whose difficulty changes as you play
- online turn-based multiplayer via Game Center
- two-player pass-and-play on the same device
- beautiful and haunting music by Tori Kamal
- minimalist graphics with customizable colors
- Game Center Leaderboards & Achievements
- simple and easy to learn rules and gameplay
- difficult to master strategy

Here are all the rules:
1. One player plays all the hexes of one color and the other player plays all the hexes of the other color. The first player begins by claiming 1 empty hex for their color.

2. Starting with the second player, each player must claim 1 or 2 hexes on their turn.

3. If the largest group of hexes at the end of a turn is larger than the largest group of hexes at the beginning of that turn (regardless of color), the next player may claim up to 3 hexes on their turn. (This does not apply after the first player claims a single hex in step 1 above.)

4. The game ends when the board is full. The player with the largest group wins. If the players’ largest groups are the same size, compare their second-largest groups, and so on, until you come to a pair which aren’t the same size. Whoever owns the larger of the two wins.

Catchup is an original Board Game designed by Nick Bentley.

Latest reviews of Catchup - Abstract Strategy app for iPhone and iPad

Almost great.
Whats missing to make this brilliantly simple game a 5-star win is 1) a bigger "finish turn" button ( its currently really awkwardly layoutet next to the equally tiny "undo" button ) 2) the option to automatically end the turn when the last hexagon is ülaced.
Thanks for adding the button to change between the English and German version. Love the game: great concept, slick execution (apart from minor hiccup with the translation), great depth.
Great game
It could use a bit of polish though and maybe a bigger board
Fun and addictive!
Really enjoying it so far. Easy to learn but open ended enough that it stays challenging.
Excellent game, sleek app
This is definitely one of those games you learn something new every time you play. App is well designed for it and runs really smoothly.
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